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At Washington AC & Heating in Katy, TX, we excel in ensuring your comfort with top-notch air conditioning services. From unexpected leaks in evaporator coils to overflowing drain pans, various issues can hinder your AC’s performance. Our regular maintenance not only troubleshoots but significantly extends the lifespan of your system.

Experiencing the relief of a cool home on a hot Houston day is unparalleled. However, when AC troubles arise, Washington AC & Heating is here to assist with proficient maintenance, repairs, and replacements for both residential and commercial setups. We expertly service all models and makes, guaranteeing swift and superior customer support.

Beyond repair services, we specialize in air conditioning installations throughout Katy and the larger Houston area. Unsure about whether to repair or replace your unit? Let our skilled technicians at Washington AC & Heating provide a thorough diagnosis. We repair all major air conditioning brands using quality components. And, should you need a new system, we’re equipped to install the finest available air conditioning units, ensuring your comfort is restored promptly and effectively.

Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Service

Washington AC & Heating, your trusted AC repair specialists in Katy, TX, now offers a comprehensive maintenance package that includes not just bi-annual, but also quarterly services. We’ll service and clean your heater in the fall and your AC condenser in the spring, with additional maintenance checks in the summer and winter. This ensures your systems are in optimal condition throughout the year, providing you with reliable and efficient heating and cooling, no matter the season.
Smart thermostats offer advanced control over your home’s heating and cooling. Not just limited to local adjustments, they allow you to modify settings remotely via a phone app, whether you’re nearby or away. Compatibility with smart home assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri further enhances convenience, enabling voice commands for thermostat control. These devices are essential for modern, efficient home climate management.
At Washington AC & Heating, we are committed to delivering exceptional professional services. Our clients consistently express high levels of satisfaction with our work. Our team’s dedication to excellence ensures that every service we provide meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Washington AC & Heating specializes in improving indoor air quality, offering top-tier products like AccuClean filters for exceptional air filtration. Our range includes advanced systems such as the Remo Halo and Air Scrubber, among other air purification technologies. These solutions ensure a healthier and cleaner indoor environment, leveraging our expertise to maintain optimal air quality in your home or business.
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Who We Are

Washington AC & Heating, led by Walter Washington, is a family-owned and operated business that extends its exceptional services to both homes and businesses in the Houston Area. Upholding the highest professional standards, we specialize in delivering outstanding customer service and satisfaction in both residential and commercial sectors. Our commitment under Walter’s leadership is to offer quality service and sales, ensuring every client, whether home or business, receives the utmost care and expertise in their heating and cooling needs.
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High Quality Service

We provide our customers with high quality service to get your systems up and running.

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Quick Response Rate

Our quick response rate allows us to get your systems working properly with as little time as possible.

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Quiet Operations

Our team uses only the best and particularly low-noise drive components.

Quality Heating & Air Conditioning Solutions in Katy and Beyond

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When your air conditioning system in Katy and surrounding areas needs attention, Washington AC & Heating is your go-to for reliable, fast, and effective AC repair services. Our certified professionals are committed to excellence, ensuring your needs are not just met but exceeded. With years of experience, we bring our customers top-notch AC repair, prioritizing satisfaction and quality service. Our team’s extensive knowledge and skills guarantee the best air conditioning repair solutions in Katy, Cypress, Hockley, Richmond, and nearby areas.

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