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Keep Your Air Conditioner working in good condition

Keep Your Air Conditioner working in good condition

Clean your air filter: There’s probably no more common reason for Air Conditioner problems than a dirty or blocked air filter. They should be cleaned or changed at least every 6 months, and possibly more often if there are a lot of particles in the air. Otherwise, the Air Conditioner may not work at top capacity, or may end up spreading allergens around your home. Luckily, the air filters are designed to be owner-replaceable, and new filters can be purchased at most hardware stores.

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Clean the exterior of the outdoor compressor: Another very common cause of problems is that the compressor unit has gotten clogged with debris, which obstruct its airflow and reduce the ability of the Air Conditioner unit to keep creating cool air. It’s a good idea to survey your compressor every month or two, and make sure it hasn’t gotten covered in leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris.

Check the insulation on the coolant pipes: The pipes running between the outdoor compressor and the interior of the house are insulated for a reason. In the event the insulation has come loose, or has bare patches, it’s going to significantly reduce the cooling power of your Air Conditioner system. Replacement insulation is easily purchased from hardware stores.

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